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Resin Bonded Stone Driveways and Walkways

Resin Bound Stone-driveway paving Harvest fawn

Resin bonded surfaces have fantastic anti-slip properties whilst keeping a stylishly natural look. A popular choice for; sloped drives, access ramps, swimming pool surrounds and any area that requires a guaranteed anti-slip surface.

Resin bonded stone is a single layer, fast install, safety surface that makes it ideal for those who need to transform and improve an area in a very short period of time. Kiln dried aggregate is scatter coated over a pre-applied resin surface. Once cured all loose stone is removed, leaving an incredibly safe, anti-slip surface that is both decorative and hard wearing. Natural stone ensure a high quality aesthetic finish.

Resin bonded is a non-porous surface, so ideal for level entry swimming pools and areas with alternative drainage systems installed (where needed).

Our years of experience within the resin industry mean that we can often dress an existing surface with resin bonded stone, saving you money, time and disruption.

Independent slip test results show that resin bonded stone is among the top 1% of outdoor surfaces when wet.

For more information on the difference between resin bound and resin bonded stone, please click here

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