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Industrial Coatings

Advanced resin solutions also offer different solutions to cater for all of your needs, from kitchen floors to industrial high build Epoxy resin coatings. A few of the products we offer are: Factory floor coating, High build epoxy resin coatings, Rapid setting MMA, Food grade floor coatings, Anti-slip coatings, Self-levelling surfaces, Sports line application and much more.
“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” A motto that we embrace at the core of our entire work ethos. Many years of experience and intensive, frequent, training have taught us the importance of the surface preparation prior to applying any Epoxy, polyurethane or MMA coatings is paramount. Many competitors will try to scrimp on preparatory work, but we believe this is a false economy. We build our reputation on a job well done, from start to finish.

High build epoxy coatings

High build epoxy floor coatings are a 2-part epoxy resin which is applied in a double coat application to give the thickness of 10-12 coats of regular paint, providing a hard wearing factory floor coating with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance properties.
Ideal for areas of regular foot traffic, light forklift use and pallet truck use.

Factory floor painting

Factory floor paint, this is a range of 2-pack epoxy or polyurethane resins which come in different colours and thicknesses to cater for a wide variety of uses. The 2 pack for coats are durable, easy to clean and can withstand a medium to high traffic.

Rapid setting MMA

Rapid setting MMA (methyl methacrylate) Resins with its range of properties can meet most requirements regardless of the industry.
Rapid setting MMA has a very fast cure time (only 2 hours) which means we can often work around your business hours to avoid lost revenue. It can be installed from -30c to +30c, doesn’t require any expansion joints (making your floor seamless & hygienic) is UV stable and highly slip resistant.

Food grade floor coatings

Food grade floor coatings are specially developed coatings and epoxy resin self-levelling screeds specifically suitable for high care processing environments. Some of the attributes include; Easy to clean, high chemical resistance and will not support the growth of bacteria & micro-organisms. Providing a safe working surface in wet and dry conditions, for foot and wheeled traffic. For many years those flooring systems have demonstrated excellent performance in wet food processing environments and in areas subject to severe thermal cycling, especially within the harsh conditions often present in meat, poultry, fish and dairy processing facilities.

Self-levelling surfaces

Self-levelling smooth surfaces provide hard-wearing attractive surfaces that are chemically resistant, impervious and easy to clean. Applied at a thickness of 2-3mm, self-levelling resin floor toppings are capable of withstanding a far greater degree of wear and tear compared to high build resin floor coating and when applied at a thickness of 4-6mm are suitable for very heavy duty environments.

Line Marking

Line marking fulfils a number of functions, foremost among these being HSE and operational issues. Available in a wide choice of colours, we can work with you to design and execute the most economical and safe solution. Using special 2-part epoxy coatings and paying particular attention to sub-floor preparation we ensure that the marking will last for many years even in industrial traffic situations. Our expertise allows us to form effective methods of working that will be the least disruptive, giving you what you want without any fuss.

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