Resin Driveways ARS

Resin Bound Stone Pathways

With more and more residential resin bound stone projects popping up throughout the UK, many homeowners regard resin bound stone as a relatively new phenomena, however this simply is not the case.

Resin bound stone has been available on the commercial circuit for a number of years however it appears that only recently, it has begun gaining traction amongst residential clients – and rightly so – using resin bound stone can change the appearance of your home and essentially have the impact of boosting its re-sale value.

Whilst the vast majority of those interested in resin bound stone seek to use it for the purpose of their driveway, it is also suitable for pathways and patios – in using the product in this way, you can create an attractive, durable feature within your garden that is not only desirable but also incredibly low maintenance.

Since the materials used are SUDs compliant (in essence, permeable) any excess water can drain through the surface and into the substrate which has an environmentally sustainable effect. This coupled with a UV stable resin mix to ensure that the colour cannot fade makes resin bound stone the obvious choice both in looks and longevity.

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