Advanced Resin Solutions

Resin bound stone driveway – before and after


1. This project was completed in 2018 in Ilford, Essex. The 24 square metre area required full excavation prior to the addition of the resin bound stone in ‘Autumn Gold’. It features brindle blocks to the front of the driveway with the addition of brindle key kerbs on the steps to create a look in line with the property.

2. Can we change this before and after since the one above it is also ‘Autumn Gold’. Please see below some before and after pictures in ‘Natural Tan’ to showcase our range of colours (description will be underneath)

A North London driveway that had previously been paved was extended and excavated to create a spacious and more accessible area. The resin bound stone in ‘Natural Tan’ with the brindle block edging showcases the property perfectly.

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