Advanced Resin Solutions

Resin Bonded Paving


Resin bonded paving has fantastic anti-slip properties whilst keeping a stylishly natural look. It is a popular choice for; drives, access ramps, swimming pool surrounds and any area that needs a guaranteed anti-slip surface. The fast installation process makes it ideal for those who need to transform and improve an area in a very short time.

The system involves applying a cold, strong 2-part polyurethane resin screed onto any hard sound surface such as; tarmac, concrete, and bituminous slab, and then dressing the top resin surface with kiln dried aggregate. The choice of colour, size, and design is up to you! Once the resin has cured the excess aggregate is removed leaving a clean, natural looking surface which is virtually maintenance free.

The depth and consistency of the resin bonded paving is between 3-10mm depending on the size of the aggregate used.

Just a few of the many benefits that make resin bonded paving an ideal choice:

  • Hard wearing – Durable and tough for both vehicular and pedestrian use
  • Anti-slip – Very high anti-slip rating, truly a safe surface
  • High-quality Natural finish – a real impact, transforms the area
  • Low maintenance – Minimal maintenance required
  • Sealed surface – No more sweeping loose stones or topping up gravel driveways
  • UV Colour Stability – Colour remains true, even in harsh conditions

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