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Forced action mixer – M110

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The Baron M110, is both powerful and efficient. Its primary features include;110 litre capacity,easy manoeuvrability, durability and suitability for resin bound aggregates.

The Baron M110 is ‘best in class’ when it comes to performance and quality. These factors when considered in conjunction with numerous additional features ensure that this model provides the optimum mixing quality of all materials is achieved and therefore, from all perspectives is the right choice for the professional user.

Additional Features:

– Heavy-duty steel blades
– Precise and safe emptying of the pan
– Easy to remove and clean the mixer head
– Easily accessible outlet handle
– Robust pan construction
– Outlet protection
– No sharp edges

It is suitable for most construction projects requiring a wet mix of up to 183kgs of materials. With its user-friendly design and perfect balance, safe and convenient handling is guaranteed.


Resin driveways, resin patios, resin swimming pool surrounds and more

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