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Patios, terraces and balconies with resin bound stone

Resin bound stone is very well suited for paving terraces. Its delicate, clean finish remains timeless and continues to please for decades to come.

With the ability to hide dirt, a resin bound stone terrace will continue to look fantastic with little to no maintenance. Whilst it is advisable to clean the surface to ensure a fresh look, this can be done with minimal effort – we recommend in the first instance to use a diluted household detergent and a soft bristled brush. If the area is heavily soiled, this is still no cause for concern. A specialist detergent with the addition of pressure washing the surface will restore the resin bound stone to an immaculate, sparkling finish.

A primary benefit of resin bound stone is that is continues to impress year on year. It is comprised of natural aggregate and UV stable resin which means that it can handle the toughest of treatment and that the colour will continue to be radiant and bright for the surface’s entire life span. Many of our clients have moved away from the traditional concrete, tiles or block paving for this particular reason – whilst they are an ideal solution and look great initially, over time they begin to build up dirt and debris which cannot be lifted and can give the impression of a tired exterior to their property.

One needs no longer stress at sourcing a tile or slab to match a broken one, only to find they are no longer in production. By using natural aggregate, it is virtually guaranteed that any repairs can be easily undertaken if necessary due to a surplus of material to be quarried throughout the world.

Not only is resin bound stone a beautiful choice aesthetically, it is also highly affordable since in most instances, the existing surface can be dressed with it. This, alongside our competitive 10 year warranty ensures unbeatable value for money for a product that is currently unmatched on the market.

With dozens of styles to choose from, there is a colour to suit any taste and match any property. With Resin Bound Solutions, you can transform a terrace into an elegant, practical and low-maintenance space where you can enjoy your leisure time with your family or friends.

Patios, terraces and balconies with resin bound stone
Patios, terraces and balconies with resin bound stone

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