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Here at Advanced Resin Solutions, it is our aim to provide top quality service and a finish that will set your property apart from those with traditional paving options. Whilst this can easily be achieved with a single colour of resin bound stone and any one of our edging options, we appreciate that some of our customers want to go the extra mile with a custom design or pattern.

Many of our clients have a vision in mind about how they would like to transform their space and our specialist surveyors are on hand with expert product knowledge to assist with making that vision, become a reality by providing free site visits and design advice.

Our design team have years of experience in personalising bespoke resin surfaces, whether it be a company logo, school crest or design of your choosing, we have it covered.

Larger designs can be created using flexible aluminium trim to create a border between colours but the options do not end there. With the help of incredibly talented graphic artists and a very clever CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine – the sky’s the limit with design possibilities. From reputable corporate office blocks, to schools, to private enthusiasts wanting to personalise their garage or workshop, we take exquisite care in the detailing and finish of these designs, realising how important something is when it has your name on it.

As with all resin bound stone products, the mix of natural aggregate and UV stable resin guarantees the colour, and therefore the detail, will never fade. Continuing to stand-out and impress for years and years.

Personalising an entry way, play area, showroom or even your own driveway is a simple, quick and cost-effective way of standing out from the crowd – quality design work and expert installation results in a bespoke surface to be proud of, all executed with efficiency.

All resin products can be used in addition to stone, rubber and mulch, available in a huge range of colours and finishes. So whether it be cartoon fish for a playground, a club crest for a football team, a car logo for a garage, or a creative graphic we aim to achieve even the most complicated of designs to an unprecedented level of professionalism and style.

Take a look at our projects page if you need inspiration or would like to see some of the work we have completed.

Resin Bound Stone - Logos and Decorative
Logo - Resin bound stone and aluminium trim

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