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Resin driveway

Our stunning range of resin bound stone is the ideal solution for all your driveway, patio and pathway needs… get in touch with us here for more information and to arrange a free quotation.

Strong, Safe, and Reliable
Resin bound paving surfaces are not only smooth and stylish but also highly durable. Not only are they suitable to take the weight of multiple vehicles from cars to HGVs, they are regarded as being a non-slip surfacing solution. This essentially means that they are fit to ensure the safety of elderly and disabled persons. One can also salt the surface, for the icy winter months, to further ensure the safety of the surface, preventing any ice build-up without damaging or affecting the resin bound stone surface.

Fully Permeable
Our resin bound systems are fully permeable, preventing puddles and allowing any standing water to drain away naturally (in full compliance of ‘SuDs’ – Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems). This teamed with a permeable tarmacadam sub-base ensures free drainage directly into the soil below.

Easy to Clean and Maintain
The drive can be easily cleaned using a standard household detergent and a soft bristled brush. For tougher stains, a specialist cleaning solution and a pressure washer can simply remove any tyre marks and oil spills – we recommend that when using a pressure washer for this purpose, to err on the side of caution, if the pressure is too high or too close to the surface, it does have the potential to cause damage (much like any other surface) – by routinely performing a cleaning routine every 6 weeks, the resin bound stone patio, path or drive can be maintained and kept looking shiny and new with minimal effort.

It is important to note that resin bound stone is completely impenetrable by weeds – whilst weeds may have the capacity to form on the surface, they will never grow between the gaps – should weeds occur on the top of the surface, these can easily be brushed away with either of the aforementioned techniques.

With this in mind, it is clear to see that resin bound paving is an ideal surface for anyone wanting a clean, clear driveway for years to come with minimal effort required to maintain.

How is it Made?

The resin bound stone is cold mixed on site using forced-action mixers before laying the mixture to the correct depth for application, and then hand trowelling it to a smooth, perfect finish. We use only natural aggregate, which is mined, crushed to the appropriate size, and then finally washed and kiln dried, guaranteeing an even, flawless finish. We use a UV stable 2-Part Polyurethane resin manufactured by industry leaders to ensure the best product possible. We aim to complete any project in a single day to ensure perfect uniformity and to be of the least inconvenience.

By using the best, UV stable polyurethane resins available we can ensure no discoloration of the surface from the sun, petrol, oils or cleaning chemicals. The depth and consistency of the resin bound paving are between 15-18mm depending on the intended traffic, substrate, and size of the aggregate.
Resin Bound Stone proves the ideal solution for; driveways, garages, balconies, pathways, swimming pool surrounds and public regeneration projects.
For more information about the importance of ‘SuDs’ and the impact it is have on our environment, check put the Environment Agency: “Guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens”

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