Advanced Resin Solutions

Rubber Mulch Play Surfaces


Rubber Mulch is one of the newest materials use in the surfacing industry. It has a natural, ageless look whilst still retaining all the benefits of a true safety surface. The Rubber Mulch looks very similar to traditional bark chippings but will outlast this by many years, will not go mouldy over time and will not need to be ‘topped up’. The overall maintenance on a Rubber Mulch surface is minimal.

Rubber Mulch installation involves mixing the recycled, shredded rubber chippings with a 1-part polyurethane flexible resin. The surface is usually installed as a one layer system to a depth-dependant on the critical fall height (CFH) needed.

Once fully cured both the pigments and the resin are non-toxic and inert. The main advantage of this system is the minimal downtime needed for installation and that almost no costly preparation works to the substrate are required. Rubber mulch can be laid directly onto most surfaces completely changing the look of your play area in as little as 24 hours. Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colours and different designs can be created.

Just a few of the many benefits that make this as an ideal choice are; Permeable, allowing rain and standing water to drain away naturally All year round use Very high attenuation ratings Soft touch & seamless finish Minimal maintenance – doesn’t need topping up like traditional chippings UV stable – colours won’t fade over time .Does not freeze.

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