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Resin Bound Stone Driveway

Resin Bound Stone Driveway in London Pink Pea gravel
Resin Bound Stone Driveway in London Pink Pea gravel

Short description

We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and in this instance we were asked to produce a mixture that matched the medium tone of the building with a complementary colour. But with a twist. At their request, we added a percentage of silver fleck to our “Pink Pea” colour. This produced a twinkling effect as the light reflected from the tiny flecks.

Although colour matching is important, we take equal care to ensure that the materials we utilise are of the highest standard, prepared according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and mixed carefully in the prescribed manner and with great diligence in terms of their correct consistency and application.

250 sq m Special Colour


Category : Resin Bound Stone
Client : London
Date : July 21, 2018

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