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Potential ways to fund rubber surfacing for your new play area

Rubber Mulch - Playground surface

Here at Advanced Resin Solutions, we believe that all children deserve a safe, secure and fun environment to explore and enjoy. For many of our clients, we have found that a major sticking point is the ability to obtain funding to make this a possibility.

Whilst it may appear to be a daunting prospect, there are a number of engaging ways that funding can be sourced on both an individual/community level. Not only this, and unbeknownst to many, support can be garnered from local councils and a variety of charities providing grants throughout the U.K. that can provide financial assistance to those embarking on these types of projects.

The fundamental starting point is to assess exactly what you are hoping to achieve. It is always wise to begin by making enquiries to ascertain the cost of your project. This in addition to reviewing the scale of the project, any deadlines in place and the planning permission requirements of the site. In doing so, this will enable you to be more specific about the allocation of the funds that you are hoping to raise.

As aforementioned, there are often things that the community can do to raise funds, these options range from bake sales, coffee mornings, charity auctions and crowd funding platforms i.e. ‘Just Giving’ however oftentimes, whilst raising a substantial amount towards the project an external funding provider can offer the finances to bring it to completion.

We have compiled a list below of various sources of funding. It may be necessary to assess whether your project matches the specific criteria of each provider and remember, the more information you are able to provide will inevitably lead to a greater chance of success when it comes to securing the funds:

The ASDA Foundation

“This programme allows charities and good causes to nominate initiatives which will make a real long term difference, benefiting the wider community with our vision to ‘Transform Communities, improving lives locally.”

To find out if your project matches their criteria, follow the link to their eligibility checker which will provide additional information:

The BIG Lottery Fund Awards For All

Offering between £300 – £10,000, the Big Lottery fund is suitable for individuals or community organisations to access funding to “improve places and spaces that matter to communities”

Co-operative Local Community Fund

The co-operative fund choose a cause every 12 months to allocate funds to. 1% of all sales spent on their selected own-brand products and services will be allocated to a cause chosen by their members. Applications open annually so it is worth keeping an eye on their website.

The Foyle Foundation

“The Foyle Foundation is an independent grant making trust that distributes grants to UK charities [however] does not support applications from individuals.”
The foundation offer a range of grants from ‘Main’ to ‘Small’ and their application process can be found by accessing their website:

Funding Central

Funding Central is a catch-all website that enables individuals to search for grants, contracts and loans. Their website provides numerous tools providing support and advice to those seeking funding.


Similar to Funding Central, allows individuals to search for funding in addition to providing useful information about the overall funding process.


Groundwork “[manage] a number of grant schemes on the behalf of businesses, public sector and third sector partners to… change places and lives across the UK… they can help your organisation design high impact grant schemes and ensure that your funding reaches the right people to create lasting change that benefits communities.”

SUEZ Communities Trust

“SUEZ Trust is an ethical funding organisation dedicated to making lasting improvements to the natural environment and community life.”

To apply for funding, follow the link to their website:

Santander Foundation:

The Santander Foundation support charities to make a difference for disadvantaged people in the UK. They have grants available up to the value of £5,000 for UK Registered Charities, Community Interest Companies and Credit Unions to fund small, local projects

Tesco Charity Trust Community Grants

The Tesco Charity Trust enables customers to choose which projects within their local areas to support. In addition to this, they also provide funding using the money raised from the sales of carrier bags within their stores.

Trust House Charitable Foundation

The Trust House Foundation provide grants to organisations assisting in addressing local issues in remote areas or areas of urban deprivation. More information can be found by accessing their website:

We are always more than happy to provide further assistance, if you happen to have any queries about how we too can help with your project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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