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Resin Driveway Pricing – How to Keep Costs Down!

How much does a resin bound driveway cost?

It is a common assertion that resin bound stone surfacing is often too costly for the average person. Although it is a premium product, recent years have seen the popularity of it in relation to domestic projects soar to new heights and for good reason. The product boasts a number of benefits that are second to none:

Quick Application
SUDS Compliant i.e. permeable
Low Maintenance
Vast Range of Colour Blends

This said, when compared against alternatives such as block paving and tarmac, the resin bound system does appear to be at the top end of the costing spectrum and whilst we view it as an investment, we understand that this can be an issue for the price conscious purchaser and thus, we have compiled a number of ways in which you can obtain the lowest possible price in order to achieve the highest possible results.

1. Get Your Hands Dirty!

If you don’t have a suitable surface to lay resin bound stone on top of, this can significantly increase the cost of your project due to the necessity of a full excavation and installation of a new sub-base however, you could save up to £10.00 per square metre on preparatory works if you dig out the area yourself.

2. Re-use and Recycle!

Many people interested in resin bound stone have an existing surface of block paving. Whilst resin bound stone cannot be installed on top of this, it is not all doom and gloom and the blocks do not need to go to waste.

It is a little known fact that the blocks can be used as edging for the resin bound stone and are therefore given a new lease of life as part of a new project. In doing so, the cost can be reduced by up to £5.00 per linear metre.

3. Non-UV Resin

It is a common misconception that non-UV resin is inferior to the UV stable variety.
Whilst our projects are all quoted on the basis of the use of UV stable resin, this can provide the customer with a chance to cut costs by opting for a cheaper alternative.
Non-UV resin is particularly good for commercial projects and those clients opting for darker colours – the reason being that the discolouration from the UV rays does not show on our darker colour blends and therefore, they retain their attractive aesthetic whilst saving the client in excess of £5.00 per square metre.

Follow this link to see our exclusive range of colour blends.

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