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Is resin bound stone susceptible to weed growth ?

For many of our customers, the main advantage to resin bound stone is that unlike its surfacing counterparts, it is essentially maintenance free. 

Oftentimes, the crux of it boils down to whether resin bound  stone is susceptible to weed growth which is a common occurrence particularly where areas are block paved. The short answer is ‘no’ - resin bound stone does not allow for weeds to grow up through the sub-base and thus up through to the surface. 

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the permeability factor of this system actually works in its favor when it comes to the weed resistant  nature of the material. A key area of confusion lies in the fact that on occasions, individuals may find small patches of what they perceive to be weed growth within the resin bound stone however, this can be easily explained. 

There are circumstances, particularly in areas of heavy vegetation where the wind may blow tiny seedlings on top of the surface which will then begin to germinate however, the permeable and porous nature of resin bound stone fundamentally means that since the water seamlessly runs through it rather than settling that the seedling is essentially starved of water and the roots will therefore be unable to take hold 

Regular brushing (we advise every 6-12 weeks with a hard bristled - but not metal - brush used in conjunction with diluted household detergent) of the surface in addition to the application of a weed killer (1-2 times yearly) will prevent and remove these small growths from your resin bound stone surface and as a result, will negate the requirement for the arduous task of weeding.

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