Resin Driveways ARS

What preparation is needed prior installing a resin bound stone surface?

A common question as many people have a variety of different surfaces where they would ideally like just one. Well resin bound stone can be laid over concrete, tarmac, eco grid systems and almost any suitable solid surface. We have qualified and experienced teams of ground workers so even if you have a lawn that you want to park your car on, Advanced Resin Solutions can do it all.

Concrete – This is very common for existing drives and is a cheap, although not porous, option to extend driveways.

Tarmac – A fully porous surface that doesn’t even need to be primed, a little more expensive than concrete, but in SUDs compliant areas, it’s a fast and suitable option.

Eco-Grid Systems – Interlocking grids that are back filling with pea gravel and compacted. These are the newest offering for sub-bases, they are quick and easy to install providing there isn’t any heavy goods vehicles on the area. They are also fully porous and incredibly robust.

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