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Resin Driveways – Trims and Edging

Once the decision has been made to opt for a resin bound stone driveway, patio or pathway, the next step is to consider the design features. In most, if not all cases, resin bound stone requires an edge to work up to. Traditionally, blocks have been the edging of choice however there are now a number of options available on the market to suit all budgets and desired looks.

Aluminium edging tends to be the cheapest option however this does not mean that it lacks quality. In fact, it provides a level, unobtrusive border that is both attractive and practical since it acts so perfectly as a working edge. Not only this but this particular trim has the capacity to act as movement joints and therefore defend against cracking or expansion within the sub-surface.

Since aluminium trim is available in both a straight and flexible edging, it can fit to any shape and thus be used to facilitate any design imaginable by creating a border between colours– this gives the customer the opportunity to personalise their project with perhaps a logo, symbol/motif or even lettering.

Block edging, whilst slightly more expensive than aluminium trim remains cost effective and is the conventional option for both domestic and commercial applications. The reason for this is that since the blocks are manufactured they tend to be uniform and come in a variety of shades which offer an element of choice in terms of style and design and has the potential to be an additional decorative feature within any resin bound stone project.

The blocks are hard wearing enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and many customers opt for blocks due to their low maintenance nature; individual blocks can later be lifted and replaced if required and much like resin bound stone, the cleaning process consists only of the application of soap and water to renew its previous look.

Granite setts in the short term, are the more expensive of the three options explored however it is an unrivalled material in terms of both durability and character. In essence, granite setts are stone that has been quarried and worked into shape – whilst this does not offer the same level of uniformity as blocks, they create a look that adds character and an impressive finish to both traditional and contemporary properties.

This type of edging will truly stand the test of time. Its natural colouring ensures that there is no risk of fading and is renowned for being resistant to damage from the elements and heavy traffic. This paired with the wide range of finishes and the capacity for project customisation make granite setts the perfect finishing touch to any project.

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