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Aromatic VS Aliphatic Resin binders

As with all construction related projects, one of the most important elements to be taken into consideration are the materials that are being used. In terms of resin bound stone, whilst there can be minor mineralogical variations in the aggregate used, it is a natural, quarried product and therefore is limited in terms of how much it can change. It is in fact the choice of resin that tends to make the real difference.

Many are aware that there are two types of resin readily available on the market. There is the non-UV stable which is otherwise known as ‘aromatic’ and there is the UV stable otherwise known as ‘aliphatic’.

Both types of resin are equally strong, durable and fit for purpose however the fundamental difference is that the non-stable blend has the potential to darken when exposed to sunlight. Many immediately discredit this kind of resin as a result of this however, it is important to highlight that it has definitely earned its place in the market – as aforementioned, it may be true that as the resin darkens, it can give the impression that the stones have yellowed but there are a number of stone colour blends in which this colour variation would not be noticeable – generally, dark colours such as greys and browns tend to work best with this resin.

It may be now that you’re wondering why you would choose to go for the non-UV resin and the simple answer is that using that as opposed to the UV stable would confer a substantial cost deduction on its user – many commercial customers will use this blend for large areas as a means of saving money and there is no reason why the domestic client need not do the same.

As the resin bound stone industry evolves and grows, the products used are ever-changing and improving. As a result, Advanced Resin Solutions are now able to access BBA (British Board of Agrément) approved non-UV stable resins for use on future projects which fundamentally means that the goods are independently certified and approved as being high quality, durable and functional.


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