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Whenever people hear about resin driveways or paths, the first question that comes to their mind is: “How much does a resin driveway cost?“. This is a question that we get asked a lot. Then again, it’s not something that we can stick a price on since there are several factors involved which affect costs. Main factors that can affect costs could be: the type of resin finish(es), space, power washing and any additional work involved. Then again, why you should choose resin bound surfaces instead of classic ones such as block-pavings and concrete or tarmac? The advantages of a resin-bound surfaces are: it’s visually appealing, it’s more durable and hard-wearing, it drains water in a natural way, it’s weed resistant and has a low maintenance cost. If it’s added in special areas, it also provides better traction for cars or pedestrians and it’s more Eco-friendly that concrete.

Resin bound vs resin bonded

There are both differences and advantages between resin bound and resin bonded surfaces. Resin bound is a very popular choice for driveways and pathways and it’s an excellent choice for everyday use. Main advantages of resin bound surfaces:

  • Resin bound is Eco-friendly and possess no dangers
  • Has a long lifespan as the resin and other aggregates are specifically selected for durability.
  • Short installation time – it can be laid very quickly.
  • Unique designs and patterns are easily incorporated.
  • It can be used for all kinds of surfacing projects such as driveways, access roads, car and pedestrian areas, pool areas and patios, etc.

Resin bonded surfaces are suitable for a wide range of projects where an attractive, natural-looking surface is required. Based on it’s anti-slip capabilities, it is widely used for pedestrian footpaths and cycleways, shopping malls, schools and play areas. The main advantages of resin bonded surfacing are:

  • It’s easier to apply
  • Cheaper – since the more expensive resin is used only at the base of the installation
  • Provides maximum grip

Our professional approach to the design and installation of resin drives, paths or surfacing, ensure a consistent, quality service which sets us apart from our competitors. Our resin drive installations are extremely hard-wearing and we made them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Every family wishes to have a unique and beautiful styled driveway. Advanced resin solutions provides paved driveways, resin bond and resin bonded driveways plus other driveway services. With our guaranteed quality service you have the chance to discover the beauty and elegance of resin drives. Call us or use our contact form to get a free quotation.

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