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EPDM Rubber Play Surfaces


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) wet pour surfacing is the most popular surface used in today’s playground industry. An enormous range of colours allows us to create any design or feature within your play area; hopscotch, numbers, animals, shapes, roadways and much more. Your imagination is the limit!

Wet pour surface installation involves mixing the rubber on site using a special forced action mixer using a 1-part polyurethane flexible resin. It is usually installed as a double layer system, the base layer or shock pad layer being recycled rubber and laid to a varying depth depending on CFH (critical Fall Height) required. The top layer is the EPDM laid to 15-20mm. This is then hand trowelled to a smooth and seamless finish in the design and colours requested. Once fully cured both the rubber granules and the binder are non-toxic and inert.

Just a few of the many benefits that make this as an ideal choice are:

  • All season use – Can be used throughout the year without the surface becoming dangerous
  • Quick draining – Self-draining surface means no standing water
  • Health & Safety – Fully certified safety surface around play equipment
  • Low Maintenance – Extremely low maintenance regime
  • Eco-Credentials – Environmentally friendly recycled materials
  • Design possibilities – anything you want can be achieved!

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