Quartz stone carpet
Quartz stone carpet has faultless anti-slip properties, even in wet conditions making it the perfect choice for; Offices, retail outlets, arenas, hospitality, kitchens and domestic applications. The efficient installation techniques we use ensure minimal down time as we understand how important it is and we have 12 and 24 hour options before the floor can be used.

Quartz stone carpet is mixed immediately prior to installing on site using special forced action mixers. The aggregate is mixed thoroughly with a 2-part epoxy resin before being hand trowelled for a smooth, perfect and seamless finish. The design options are limitless due to the wide range of aggregate colour and size variations.

Just a few of the many benefits that make this as ideal choice are:
  • Hard wearing – Durable, stone carpet is being walked on, danced on, eaten on, shopped on, and showered on in the most demanding commercial applications world wide
  • Natural Finish – The natural aggregate gives a striking, stylish and modern look to your floor
  • Low maintenance – almost no maintenance is required. If the floor is ever damaged for whatever reason it can be simple repaired without leaving a mark
  • Fast Installation – In most cases the floor can be used in 12-24 hours from install, minimising any disruption
  • Anti-slip – The finished surface has fantastic anti-slip properties, even in wet conditions
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