Advanced Resin Solutions

Resin Bound Paving Surfaces


Resin bound paving surfaces are not only smooth and stylish but also highly durable. The ideal solution for; driveways, garages, balconies, pathways, swimming pool surrounds and public regeneration projects. Our resin bound system is fully permeable, preventing puddles and allowing any standing water to drain away naturally (in full compliance of SuDs – Sustainable urban drain systems).


Resin bound stone is the obvious choice! As of 01.10.2008 if the surfacing used to cover your driveway or front garden is fully permeable, allowing water to drain naturally, as resin stone surfaces do, you will not need any planning consent. For more information about the importance of SuDs and the impact those have on our environment check Environment Agency:“Guidance on the permeable surfacing of front gardens” (Click here for more details)

Resin bound paving is mixed on site immediately prior to laying using a specialist ‘forced action’ mixer. The aggregate is thoroughly mixed with high-quality 2-part polyurethane resin so that each individual stone is perfectly coated to give the highest possible strength to the surface. It can be laid onto any concrete or bituminous substrate and often no major preparation is needed.

By using the best, UV stable polyurethane resins available we can ensure no discoloration of the surface from the sun, petrol, oils or cleaning chemicals. The depth and consistency of the resin bound paving are between 15-18mm depending on the intended traffic, substrate, and size of the aggregate.

Just a few of the many benefits that make resin bound paving an ideal choice:

  • Hard wearing – Durable and tough for both vehicular and pedestrian use
  • Porous – Will not hold water so puddles just drain away
  • Seamless –Perfect – transition for wheelchairs, pushchairs, and bicycles
  • Colour Range – Vast range of colors – endless design options
  • Bound Finish – No loose stones
  • Oil & Crack resistant – no chance for weeds to grow or water to collect
  • Anti-Slip – Ideal for pedestrian areas, non-slip even in wet conditions

For our resin bonded paving surfaces solutions, click here.

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