Resin Driveway FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our resin bonded and resin bound surfaces installations.

What is the difference between a Resin bound and a Resin Bonded Surface?

This is a very common question so we have a dedicated page to explain the differences

What is a Resin surface?

A surface such as a driveway, path or patio that is laid with stone, pebbles, aggregates or decorative chippings that is bound together with PU Resin. This gives a smooth, but textured finish to the surface. Because the gravel or stone is bound in resin, there is no mess and it gives a high class finish.

What are the benefits of a resin bound driveway or path?

There are number of benefits you get with a resin bound surface. They look stunning, far more visually appealing than black tarmac or grey concrete.  They last longer than alternative driveway surfaces like tarmac or concrete. They comply with the latest SuDS (Sustainable Drainage) regulations, they are weed resistant and puddle free, making resin bound surfaces the safest option for domestic and commercial use.

Do you install resin surfaces in my area?

We have abundant teams of local installers that operate all over the UK (UK mainland only) so wherever you live, we have installers and a technical surveyor close by to help you with your project. What guarantees do you offer with your resin surfaces? The resin bound surfaces we install come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard but, from experience, expect your new surface to last in excess of 15 years!

What payment options are available to me?

There are a number of ways in which you can pay for your resin bound surface installation. Cash, cheque or online, are the most popular options.

Why are resin surfaces better than tarmac or concrete?

Tarmac and concrete surfaces are very brittle and over time weaken with use and will eventually crack and crumble, meaning you have to deal with costly repairs. A resin surface is strong, non-brittle and is built to last. Tarmac also fades from black to grey over time and can begin to look dated and weathered; resin surfaces maintain their natural colour for years after installation.

What is the best way clean a resin driveway?

Unlike with tarmac or concrete which require strong chemical cleaners to clean away dirt and stains, a resin surface can be cleaned with a pressure washer or with soapy water. Resin surfaces are more stain resistant too which means less to clean in the first place.

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