Resin Bound Surfaces

The technique was first developed in the USA over 20 years ago. In a country of baking deserts, tropical storms and extreme winters, it has developed a reputation for being an attractive, hard wearing and versatile surface. With a great track record over there, its outstanding performance has led to its increasing popularity in the UK.
A resin bound surface consists of gravel bound together with a two-part clear epoxy resin that is hand-trowelled onto a suitable surface. An existing tarmacadam or concrete surface can often be used if of acceptable quality, or a new sub-base is prepared with mixed large and fine aggregates, compacted and overlaid with a tarmacadam or high quality concrete layer. It can normally be installed in one to two days and Advanced Resin Solutions offer a 10 year warranty with every complete installation.

The finished item is porous and allows water to drain through, in accordance with SuDS requirements. Its main applications are for new resin driveways, garden paths and patios. It has the striking appearance of a gravel drive but without the disadvantages. A gravel drive needs constant maintenance as the gravel shifts, so needs to be raked level and swept from adjoining areas and pavements, it gets compacted and uneven and mixes with mud, so needs topping up, also they can suffer from weeds, so have to be weeded. It beats a tarmac driveway for style, and block paving driveways have their problems too, soon becoming uneven or suffering from weeds.
A resin bound drive is elegant, practical, maintenance free and durable, and is available in an exciting range of colours and textures. We often hear from our satisfied clients receiving compliments from neighbours: “modern elegance” is the verdict.

If you are looking for more, we can supply imaginative new embedded lighting, we can remodel or replace walls and steps and work with you to reconfigure outside areas to provide an inspiring first impression of your home.

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Resin Bonded Surfaces

Where you have light pedestrian use of a surface, you can opt for resin bonded pathways, patios, etc. This entails the application of a layer of resin to a suitable surface, such as tarmacadam or concrete and then pouring the gravel on top. The gravel binds to the surface and the excess gravel is then removed, creating a strong and reliable covering with an aesthetically pleasing effect.

It is highly commended for its anti-slip properties and is suitable for access ramps and swimming pool surrounds. The choice of colour and texture is excellent and as with Resin Bonded, the colours are stable.

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Playgrounds & Safety Surfaces

The main materials currently in use for safety surfaces are EPDM and rubber mulch, which have applications in sports areas such as running tracks and tennis courts, children’s play areas in parks, schools and nurseries and other surfaces such as outdoor areas in elder care facilities.

We work with architects and other professionals to ascertain that the correct materials and depths are adhered to in order to comply with Health and Safety regulations. With a lively colour range, designers can make full use of their abilities to make a welcoming and fun space.

These surfaces are self-draining, non-toxic, low maintenance and use recycled materials.

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Industrial Surfaces

We have a wide experience of satisfying industrial flooring requirements: floor markings and lines for safety and function, anti-slip coatings, food grade coating for hygiene areas, self-levelling surfaces, high build epoxy coatings, rapid setting MMA and factory floor painting.

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Suppliers to the Trade

Our own-branded, finest quality resin is now available to trade customers only. Years of research and constant improvement have led to specialist products that we are proud to put our name to, with excellence in adhesion, weather resistance and UV protection. Please contact us for information on prices and delivery.

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